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A brand makeover and ongoing advertising campaigns across the US to quickly expand the UFM footprint.


United Faith Mortgage was a young business with a ton of promise. We started with strategic radio campaigns across core markets, while creating a family friendly brand that our target consumers could truly relate to. A stark contrast to the cold, price-driven corporations in the Mortgage space. After early success, we followed those campaigns with a brand overhaul, new website, and digital media. Allowing United Faith Mortgage to grow from a few markets to a nationwide player.


AOR Partnership, Creative Direction, Website Design & Build, Logo, Radio Strategy & Buying, Script Writing, Media Planning, Digital Media, Paid Search, Social Media, Social Advertising, SEO Strategy, Blog Creation, Closed Loop Reporting, Growth Planning

Meet United Faith Mortgage.

Home is where we Laugh. Pray. Cry. Fight. Forgive. Grow up. Grow old. Wrestle. Learn. Hold hands. High-five. Hug. Love. And never want to leave. We don’t hide it. Faith & Family is at our core. Being the best at mortgages is what we are obsessed with, but getting to do that WHILE being who we are is really special. When you call… you’ll know who is going to answer. Our smaller team allows us to be personal & attentive and that’s a must for how we do business. You’ll also find that we have the major advantage of being a Direct Lender. Which means we get to use our own money and make our own lending decisions.

For you, this means quicker turnarounds and better interest rates, which often allows us to save families significant money. And that’s how we have a good day. We. Are United Faith Mortgage.

A Note from Barbara.

“P48 claims to be weird, obsessive, creative and strategic; I have found them to be all that and more. I would call them creative geniuses. Each team member brings exceptional expertise in all areas of marketing strategies, and honestly, they go way beyond that. Dramatic increases in our sales were noted within the first few weeks of obtaining P48 and continue to soar. P48 tweaked our creative so we became more relatable to our clients, perfected our website and our online presence as well. We explained our vision and our goals, then P48 stepped in and made miracles happen. We consider it a blessing to be working with such an eclectic team who is trustworthy, reliable and honest; a rare find these days. I cannot give higher praise to this amazing creative team…5 stars all the way!” Barbara Richards, Marketing Director – United Faith Mortgage

Radio Advertising Examples

Creative storytelling is what we do best. Over the years, we’ve helped the United Faith Mortgage team bond with their audience by simply being part of that audience. Through relatable stories, a faith-based mission, and truly great service.

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