We’re into radio at like a low-key stalker level.

Using new-school tactics on an old-school medium to make clients next-school rich



Like, in 2023?

That’s funny, right?

If you’re a business – with a legit story – and you’re tired of lemming’ yourself into the current cluttered ad-world, without any needle movement- this might shake your shorts a bit.

Old Man Radio

From 2020 – 2029, Old Man Radio—if done our New Kid way—will be the medium with the most opportunity.

Yep, we hit publish on that.

Here’s how p48 takes advantage of the opportunity, in our new-school way.

We buy intimacy.

Radio Buyers are still buying based on OEMs, GRPs, and CPPs.

But it’s no longer 1995.

We buy intimacy and moments—that create champions..


We research harder than we should.

It’s not that we don’t care about ratings. Or reach. Or frequency.

We fully nerd-out on the math and data side of radio.

We’re just looking with new-school goggles.


We use our deep-dive-data to negotiate hard.

While the rest of the world fights in the overly cluttered Digital pond–we deep research an entire market, finding efficient, can’t lose opportunities with stations who want to deliver solutions, whether the #1 station or a group of the smallest stations.


We create intimacy.

Today, humanity is turned off by big, flashy, high-produced, fakey worded, deep-radio-voiceover guy commercials.

Somehow. Most of radio hasn’t noticed.

An opportunity for us.

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