An exciting “upbrand.” Modernizing Summit Financial’s website, messaging, photography, and video.


Summit Financial wanted a new website and a way to communicate how relatable their financial firm is, compared to the stuffy, 3-piece-suit and mahogany wood often associated with their category. So P48 designed a new website, modernized their current brand with new colors and illustrations, wrote new brand messaging, and spearheaded a new “explainer video” to help potential clients easily understand Summit Financial’s fee-only structure.


AOR Partnership, Creative Direction, Messaging, Brand Identity, Website Design & Build, Video Production, Photography, Print Design

Meet Summit: “Real First. Refined Second.”

In an industry that’s often given off the impression that three-piece-suits, dark mahogany, and 4-syllable words are reflections of success—we’ve simply chosen to not give any conjured impressions at all, but to rather just be exactly who we are.

We’re still professional, sophisticated, tireless workers – the best at our craft – and a team that feels privileged to steadfast-serve those we work for. We just don’t believe that faux words and silk ties are the true indicators of class. We believe that people communicate their dreams, struggles and aspirations best when they’re comfortable. We do comfortable.

Logic + Intimacy.

Summit won a CNBC FA100 award two years in a row. They’re good at their craft. And they’re good at serving others well. On Summit’s website, we wanted to show prospective clients that this team of financial experts is both credible (logic) and relatable (intimacy).

Responsive? Of course.

We believe that people’s seamless and fluid experience on a website directly impacts how they feel about that brand. And with the rate of mobile traffic increasing every year, we are big believers in mobile-first U/X design.

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