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A new name. A new website. A new story, personality, tone, look and feel. And then a very specific strategy and execution to spread that story to the market — for their first time.


Reliant Mechanical has been the best at what they do in their local market for a very long time – an industrial HVAC powerhouse that has taken care of the big-boys for decades, like that “fancy-big car dealer” in Marysville. They are loved, trusted and the leader in their local rural market within that industrial category. But in 2022, they approached us about helping them start a brand new arm, a residential HVAC arm that would stretch not just through their rural locale, but into the Columbus Metro – a new world for them.

They needed a new, residential friendly name. They needed a residential friendly logo. They needed to elevate this new, residential arm, brand and name without competing or lowering the footprint their industrial brand already had in place. They needed a brand, look & feel that was beautiful and modern, yet warm, friendly and true to their small-town roots. They needed a story (real and relatable messaging, personality & tone) that perfectly showed the combo of their small-town friendly “yes-ma’am character”, complimented by the big-city capabilities their long-tenured team had at their fingertips. And they needed a strategy and buy plan to take that new story to their current market and “the new world” they wanted to reach.


AOR Partnership, Full Creative Direction, Website Design & Build, Logo Refresh, Cable and StreamingTV Strategy & Buying, Script Writing, Media Planning, Digital Media, Paid Search, Social Media, Social Advertising, SEO Strategy, Closed Loop Reporting & Growth Planning

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People relate to people—not companies.

Especially in the service industry. We think that naive firms tell their clients that “you need to brand.” Pepsi and Dove need to brand. Small and medium sized service companies don’t have the time or budgets to “brand” themselves to the most cynical consumers to ever walk the planet. Instead, they need to bond. To find the exact right audiences for them and simply be real and relatable, making those audiences have a true feeling or opinion about who we are, what we stand for, what problems we solve or how we can make their day better. Bonding is the new branding for small to medium sized businesses.

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