A new strategy. A new story. And a complete ad-creative overhaul. All to show the local Pella Columbus team is as impressive as the famous Pella product.


Pella has been a national leader in windows and doors for 99-years. Literally, 99-years. We didn’t just exaggerate that fancy number for effect. And in addition to longevity, they have a product that is uniquely built at another level of quality and beauty. And the whole world knows it. Pella does not have a brand problem or a product problem. But there is one other problem. People relate to people — not brands or products. So even though the whole world knows “Pella the product is the best”, subconsciously, it’s just as important to us weird humans, to know that the team personally bringing me and installing my windows — is also the best.

P48, in partnership with the crazy cool people at Pella Columbus, are on a mission to show Columbus — “Hey. It’s not just our windows and doors that are game-changing. The 90-person Pella Columbus Team that will serve you – Yep… Equally as game-changing.”


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