Work with Lindsay Automotive team to modernize communications and capture market share through digital media, radio advertising, and unique creative direction.


P48 was brought in to help the Lindsay Automotive team–both Lindsay Honda and Lindsay Acura–build a cross-channel advertising strategy that is quite unique for the auto-industry. This plan included a variety of social advertising campaigns, paid search marketing, YouTube video campaigns, and local radio. This new focus on data-driven marketing quickly helped Lindsay Acura increase market share.


Digital Strategy, Media Planning and Buying, Social Media Advertising, Video Production, YouTube and Online Video, Radio Strategy, Audio Production, Analytics & Tracking.

Meet Lindsay Automotive.

Lindsay Automotive is a true leader in the automotive space. With Lindsay Honda ranking as the #1 Volume Honda Dealer in the Midwest (yeah, big deal), and Lindsay Acura ranking as the #1 Volume Acura Dealer in Ohio, the Lindsay team is not just beating the competition in Columbus, but competing with the top auto-dealers nationwide.

At P48, our goal was to help Lindsay do what they do best, stay ahead of the competition. Our unique skills in the digital media world allowed us to do just that, by helping the Lindsay Acura team think outside of the “auto-dealer box,” and dip into strategies that have proven successful in the eCommerce and Direct-to-Consumer worlds that thrive online.

My Acura Story.

Owning an Acura is a little different. In fact, the Lindsay Acura buyers we talked to truly loved the experience of driving their cars. Through this series, we pulled out stories of Acura drivers that drilled down to the true essence of what the Acura experience meant to them. And how Lindsay Acura can help make that happen. This campaign ran across both local radio and digital video (YouTube and Hulu).

The Lindsay Honda Difference.

All car dealers are the same, no? Our friends at Lindsay Honda helped us realize that simply wasn’t true. And with that knowledge, we helped the Lindsay team explain the logical decision-making behind buying from Lindsay Honda. After all, Honda buyers are logical people.

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