LifeWise Academy is one of the most impressive and potentially future-changing organizations in the world. They came to us to help them clearly tell this incredible story to the masses.

The LifeWise Story:

LifeWise Academy is bringing Bible education to public school students, DURING SCHOOL HOURS. Picture Sophia, a brilliant 2nd grader in her local public school. Before attending LifeWise, she had never heard the stories of David and Goliath, Adam and Eve or Jesus on the cross. But now on Tuesdays, instead of going to her normal study hall, she joins a group of her friends who take the LifeWise bus to a church down the street, where they receive an interactive, Bible education class – during school hours.

Eight out of ten kids in America DO NOT attend church. However — nine out of ten DO attend public school. And that’s why LifeWise Academy is a future-changing-concept. We get to share the love of Jesus with Sophia in maybe the only setting she might ever be reached, during her public school day.

The LifeWise movement is growing like we never imagined. We’re dreaming big — because Sophia needs us to. And we’re daring to pioneer completely untapped land — because we believe that “future-changing” is truly around the corner.


AOR Partnership. Brand messaging: Personality, tone & story development. Audience Profiling. Social Media content creation. Project Management. Email Marketing. Radio strategy & buying. Radio creative & production. Media Planning. Digital Media.

From the Client:

“As our organization was growing at warp speed, we thought it could be beneficial to bring in some marketing and story-telling support. We knew what our story was and why it was special – but P48 worked with us to really define our audience, clarify our brand messaging, tone & personality, and ultimately more concisely and consistently deliver that story across our many needed deliverables. They also supported us on our first venture into radio and digital advertising and in our email marketing and social media creation. The team at P48 is world class in their craft. More importantly, they genuinely care about advancing our mission. If you hire another firm, I question your intelligence.” — Joel Penton (Founder & CEO)

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