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P48 was asked to deliver a complete brand overhaul. A new look, tone, personality and presentation of their story. Followed by relatable ad-campaigns designed to increase market share.


Owner Jeff is your dream service business owner.  He’s a good man that anyone breathing loves.  He truly gives a crap about his business and customers.  No one could ‘do’ garage doors better.  And no one could work harder. He just needed help telling the story… so he could do the garage door’ing. We took over all aspects of the marketing, and finally told the world how beautiful of a dude and business Jeff and Deluxe Door Systems was.  And for the 4-years we’ve been together, every quarter has increased. Jeff’s business is thriving. And he deserves it.


Website Design & Build, Acquisition Strategy, Radio Media Planning, Writing & Production, Digital Media Planning, Paid Search, SEO, Paid Social Advertising, Closed Loop Reporting

My name is Jeff Mays… and I’m simple.

That line never worked while staring into pretty blue eyes, but it has worked for me in business. I’m not a genius. I’m not a superhero. I love to dance. I look ugly doing it. And I’m really obsessed with garage doors.

A broken garage door just makes humans annoyed and angry. I get to be the doctor with the fix-it pill. Or when folks do the new door route, I get to see them go, “Holy crap… is that my house?” That’s even better.

  1. We are obsessed with garage doors.
  2. We FIX anything your garage door got itself into QUICK, STRAIGHTFORWARD, only if NEEDED, and at a price you’ll be happy with.
  3. We do NEW doors that makes the Jones’ wish they were the You’s.

It’s that simple. Like me. Hope I get to meet you.

Jeff Mays, Owner

Radio Advertising Examples

Creative storytelling is what we do best. Deluxe is a “keep it real” business run by a  “keep it real” team. And we think their customers prefer that vibe. We just try to capture it in audio.

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