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104.9 the River is one of the highest ranked CCM radio stations in the U.S. To continue to be the best though, you have to keep showing “the market” how cool you are. The River needed a firm to manage that for them.


If you live in Columbus, Ohio and you’re a person of faith, you almost certainly know who The River is. However, over time, people “try other things”… especially over the course of a decade when audio platform fragmentation introduces itself and runs rampant with “options everywhere”. Our job was to simply remind those humans who might have slipped away that — “Hey, you might be missing something here.” And that this ole’ River thing might be a lot cooler than you remember.


AOR Partnership. Brand messaging. Audience Profiling. Project Management. Email Marketing. Video/TV script writing & production. Media Planning & Purchasing. Digital Media.

“Christian Radio Stereotypes” | TV Ad Campaign


TV Morning Show Ad


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TV Campaign Ad


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