August 2, 2021

The Olympics and Local Advertising – Craig’s Ramblings & Philosophies

The Rambling Part.

PARALLEL BARS: You freakin need Invisalign.
UNEVEN BARS: Story of my life.

HIGH BAR: I like the laughing gas.

The Philosophies Part: Two marketing philosophies were brought to light while watching the Olympics with my kids…


If your media buy strategy is the same today as it was even 10 years ago, you’re falling off the balance beam. 2021 and 2015 are as different as the gymnastics vault and the pole vault. Unparalleled clutter created by how humans consume media + all time high ad-cynicism towards ad inundation have made 80% of dayparts, stations and platforms suck a pommel horse. So, when you DO ACTUALLY FIND A MOMENT where any sized audience is truly leaning in and being intimate with the moment (i.e. 8p – 11p in our family’s house these last two weeks), take Eminem’s advice and seize the moment.


I’ve seen more local television commercials while consuming these Olympics than I have in the last 4 years — and it pains my heart to watch the tens of thousands of $$$s being lit on fire. They’ve executed a great buy strategy (see above) but must have hired my great Aunt Phyllis to creative direct their message. “Sorry Aunt Phyllis. I’m assuming your big bridge tourney kept you from doing your best stuff on the ads.”

  • One HVAC company leads with the “famous” talking head standing by an AC unit, feeding us the ABC, 1985 script about fast and friendly service, while making sure we know they have financing options — cause sure, we bet they’re the only ones who do that.
  • A competitor of theirs has a golden retriever starring in the ad — and that’s all I can remember.
  • While a third company in the same category finishes with the always lovely cliche’, “For all your plumbing, drain and HVAC needs“. Which of course to the consumer, those words sound like “Warning! Warning! This is an ad! This is an ad! Please crank up your cynicism and make sure you in no way relate to us.

It’s not 1985, friends. STOP. MAKING. ADS.

  • Be real and relatable first. Intimacy is all that matters today.
  • Show me how you’re going to solve my problem.
  • Show me how you’re going to make my day better.
  • Use logic to make me believe you.

The Olympics are NOT about sports. They’re about sharing stories (happy, sad, inspiring and thoughtful) that we relate to and feel great about. Stories that make us want to lean in and bond with — and subsequently — not forget. Why are we not doing the same in our ads?

STOP MAKING ADS – and just have a freakin real, human moment with me. The Olympics sure have in our home.

Craig Bennington, Founder & Creative Director

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