November 4, 2020

New, Slick-Filthy P48 Branding

We have exciting news. Well… it’s exciting to us at least.

P48 has some fresh new branding. Oh, it’s slick. Filthy, even.

I get it, you don’t care. You’re probably thinking, “Another marketing agency updating their marketing, whoop-dee-doo.” That’s valid. 

But, it’s a big deal for us, so here we are sharing the news. And we think it’s a big deal for our clients and partners as well, for a few specific reasons… 

1. We were really missing that P48 personality.

The P48 vibe wasn’t really flowing with our old look. What does that even mean you ask … 

Well, we hope that our clients notice a few things when they work with us. 

  • We care, a lot. Like, we really give a crap about your business.
  • Keeping-it-real is important to us. We keep it 100 with our clients. Just like we help them keep it 100 with their customers. Because we truly believe this is key to 2021-and-beyond marketing.
  • Our creative tone is different, and a little weird sometimes. In fact, we hope it’s weird enough to stand-out in this always-cluttered-with-ads world.
  • We don’t just throw idea-spaghetti at the wall and hope it sticks. We are experienced media buyers that understand the deep nuances within the channels we buy. And we bring you real strategies based on that experience. 
  • And finally, we’re really good at what we do.

Will a slick new website communicate all that? We hope that P48 vibe might.

2. Identity design has become a much bigger part of what we do. 

When Craig and I started P48, we dabbled in the waters of visual design. We aren’t designers ourselves of course, but we had some good friends that helped us along the way. We focused our efforts in the areas where we are experts; media buying, marketing strategy, messaging and copywriting, etc.

In the last two years though, we’ve been lucky enough to add both Robin and Anne to the team (as well as a variety of creative partners). Thanks to their truly impressive skills, we’ve been able to create some amazing visual work for clients. Branding that is truly top-of-the-line.

As a creative shop, of course, it’s important for our own brand to reflect the beliefs and style we pitch to our clients. We think this new iteration of the P48 brand helps do just that. 

3. It’s the right time to look forward.

It’s been a tough year for everyone. We feel very fortunate that our clients have stuck with us through 2020. We worked hard to keep it that way. And for real, thanks to all of you. 

It’s the right time to look forward, for P48 much like many others. We’ve grown in size and capability. We tell our clients that we’re a boutique agency, small but mighty, and we want to stay that way. But we must keep improving in every facet, from better creative angles, to new media distribution, to more efficient management of projects. There’s so much room to grow and the learning never stops. So rather than dwell on the past, the things we have or haven’t done thus far, we’d rather look forward. The opportunities will be huge in 2021.

That’s it. That’s the news. I hope we didn’t bore you too much. 

If you’re still reading at this point, check out our slick-filthy new website and some of our past work. And if you really love us, share the news with a couple of friends. Just a quick email forward or social post to let folks now that we’re around. We do appreciate it. 

Chris and Team

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