September 20, 2021

Naturally, Nature Leads Design Trends in 2021

Yes! the 1970s are back. Flower power is back in style, although a little differently this time around.

As people spent more time inside their homes, the need for indoor nature became very real. This desire is the underlying principle of Biophilia, or the science that studies the human connection to nature.

Aspects of nature have long been a source of inspiration for artists and designers—their muse, if you will—but no design style ties nature into humanity as naturally as botanic and organic design.

“Following a year of social distancing and isolation, I expect to see design embrace a more humanistic and organic tone.”

Shanti Sparrow, a graphic designer, illustrator and Shillington New York lecturer

Spot organic design by looking for the following:

  • Smooth and rounded forms
  • Natural-looking and amorphous form
  • Flowing lines
  • Softer shapes
  • Asymmetry
  • Clear inspiration from natural elements

Botanical and organic in graphic design

There are many places where you can admire and observe this design trend in action. Common in both graphics and interiors, botanical and organic design has also spread into web design.

Many graphic pieces are anchored with drawings and illustrations of plants, animals, flowers, seeds—essentially, anything that’s living

Popular color palates of this style often include soft light greens, faded dull turquoises, and even warmer colors like faded pinks and shades thereof.

Much like in the real world, the ambiance of nature combines beautifully with other popular design directions, such as soft color schemes, illustration, and vintage fonts, in particular.

It only takes one glance at the P48 office to see that Anne and I are all about this trend.

Robin Whittington, Art Director

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