Help launch an exciting new brand, a leader-to-be in the real estate space, through a variety of digital advertising channels.


Bungalo Homes is an exciting product built by a very sophisticated team. Backed by a larger enterprise, and with $225 Million already invested into the brand, Bungalo is poised to be a leader in the real estate space. P48 was brought in to help Bungalo with Day 1 launch, primarily by managing all digital media campaigns. This included a variety of social advertising campaigns across Facebook & Instagram, as well as search marketing, programmatic display, native content and planning for future growth in new channels.


Digital Media Planning, Growth Strategy, Paid Search, Social Media Advertising, Native Advertising, Programmatic Display, Content Strategy, Analytics & Tracking

Meet Bungalo Homes

Home buying the way it should be

Owning a home is the American Dream. But the process of buying a home, filled with endless uncertainties and steps, is more like a nightmare. So we dared to dream bigger – could buying a house be easy, stress-free, and even fun?

We launched Bungalo to make simple home buying not only possible, but a total delight. Every day we’re helping buyers like you discover homes that exceed their wildest hopes and dreams.


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