The world of “digital marketing” is a wide one. Your options are nearly endless. You’ve probably been told 12 different things from 12 different agencies and partners. You’ve probably been pitched “SEO miracle strategies” 50+ times this year alone.

We can’t fix all that …

But, we can help you get above all of that noise, to build a digital plan that actually makes long-term sense for your business. A plan that fits–and instructs–your growth goals.

Why are we different? Well, we aren’t miracle workers. And we ‘keep it 100’ about that up-front. However, our team does have experience leading media strategy for $100MM+ companies, building Ecommerce experiences, and scaling start-up brands to millions of registered users. Through those experiences — including big wins, dumb mistakes, and everything in between — we have learned a ton. And we have developed an approach that helps mid-size businesses think like quickly growing start-up brands.

We’ve boiled down our approach to four things we think you should know.

1. Audience First Approach

We like to say, “In Eleanor’s pocket, at 5 O’clock on Tuesday.” Why? Well the first key is Eleanor. Every piece of advertising we do comes AFTER we learn who our “Eleanor” is, where she spends her time and how she typically consumes media.

Once we understand that, we can make smart decisions on media channels that fit YOUR business. No more, “Facebook Ads because everyone else is doing Facebook Ads.” And we can use super cool tactics to find new audiences in unique ways i.e. using look-a-like modeling to find a whole bunch more Eleanors.

2. Test & Learn

You’ve probably heard the term “Growth Hacking” more than once (yeah, we hate it too). But the theory behind growth marketing is alive and well … and actually always has been. “Test & Learn” is at the core of all good advertising. Fast growing digital brands have made test & learn fashionable again, thanks to digital channels enabling testing & learning at super-human speed.

Needless to say, we are fans. And while the process may sound daunting at first, it’s really quite simple once you get the hang of it … and we’ve been doing it for years. Our sweat is your gain.

3. Channel Agnostic

We don’t own a media platform. We aren’t a massive broadcast organization. We aren’t owned by a larger agency bound to “handshake deals” with media partners. We are entirely independent and “channel agnostic.”

This means we work with the platforms most likely to be efficient for your brand. Just last month we turned a $25 CPM campaign pitch from a large media player into a $3 CPM campaign for one of our clients. Simply by using a more efficient platform for their goals.

4. Experiences That Mean Something

It’s very easy to get “click-focused” online. I mean, we just spent the last 5 paragraphs talking about data in some form. But in reality, we truly believe that creative still wins the day online. Will your campaign stick with real people 3 months from now? 6 months from now?

Digital advertising, just like traditional advertising, can and must shape the perception of your brand. How do we use digital channels to create an experience that truly means something. That’s the question we want to help you answer.

We can’t wait to apply our unique approach to your business. And we feel pretty confident that big wins are on the way. We can’t promise miracles … but our win/loss record is looking more and more like Mark Price’s career FT%.


Chris Bennington