Yes, this is a self-serving note. No, I’m not selling anything. But life has been crazy the past couple of years, and has led me to finally do something that I have always wanted to do.

I quit working for someone else and started an advertising agency.

Actually, it wasn’t just me. My partner — and brother — Craig Bennington also pulled the plug. After 15+ years leading radio/broadcast strategy and creative.

So here we are. Two brothers who have led different lives taking an exciting leap.

We took very different career paths, Craig’s path and skills led him into a life of building unique, creative styles and brand voices through broadcast. He became a go-to thought leader in the radio world, for both creative and media strategy. While I loved numbers, fell into marketing, and got addicted to the world of digital media, where technology + advertising connected. I was lucky enough to jump on the wagon with quickly growing companies like EBTH and Twyla, and dabbled in media strategy with a number of different start-ups.

Despite the very different worlds of broadcast and digital, we realized we were both doing the same things at the end of the day.

  1. Helping companies make smarter, more efficient marketing decisions
  2. Finding unique ways to cut through the way-too-cluttered advertising world and appeal to cynical humans
  3. Just being real with people, from partner relationships to the audiences we aspire to reach
  4. Actually having success stories and creating real growth for brands in all sorts of different industries

And we figured, there may not be a more perfect storm.

We have been building up to this for a while, in fact we have worked with a bunch of great clients in the last year +. And we have worked with a lot of awesome teammates in that time as well, p48 is more than just Craig and I. You can check out some of our work thus far:

All that leads us to today. Where we are officially announcing p48.

We are excited. We are nervous. We feel fortunate and appreciative to be able to take this step.  

We will be opening our office in Columbus, Ohio. Adding new teammates in the near future. And adding new clients as well (send your friends our way 🙂).

So cheers to the future of p48. And cheers to everyone who helped us get this far.