Project Description


Use digital channels to create demand for the Vector Media suite of products. Improve the digital footprint of the Vector brand, setting them up for increased growth in new markets.


Vector Media is a leader in the outdoor advertising industry. After a recent acquisition increased the number of markets under the Vector umbrella, P48 was brought in to help the brand grow. Through a combination of paid social advertising, content creation, search marketing, and email communications, we created a thoughtful full-funnel marketing program to help Vector grow for both the short and long-term.


Acquisition Strategy, Digital Media Planning, Paid Search, SEO, Content Marketing, Paid Social Advertising, Email Marketing, Closed Loop Reporting, Growth Planning

Meet Vector Media.

At Vector Media, we’ve got a bone to pick with the Bard. To us, all the world’s a canvas. A canvas that is integrated, dynamic, and increasingly technological. A canvas on which to tell rich and relevant brand stories. At Vector, we make the most of this canvas, connecting brands to consumers through an innovative media platform that inspires creativity and delivers measurable impact.

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