Project Description


Modernize the Sunny Street Café brand, through in-restaurant, broadcast and digital communications. Create marketing programs to successfully launch new restaurants in growth markets.


Create a fresh, tasty brand look & feel that communicates the modernization of Sunny Street Café. We used efficient digital mediums to push out the fresh new options that are now offered at restaurants, while building a connection with local audiences through social media. We used this framework to help SSC franchisees successfully launch new restaurants with a consistent, exciting feel.


AOR Partnership, Creative Direction, Design, Restaurant Launch Planning, Radio Strategy, Digital Media, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Management, Paid Search, Display, Email Marketing

Meet Sunny Street Café.

We wake up extra early each day to give you three things:

Happy first bite moments. We like to say classic comfort food with a modern twist of fun. Like if Grandma made it – after spending 2 years at a high-class culinary school.

Healthy & hearty options. When you want healthy, you’ll find light, fresh, feel-good options. When you’re hungry, you’ll find tasty, scrumptious, loosen your belt options.

In a comfortable place. Come as you are. Young. Old. Tired. Wired. Hangry. You’ll be happy here. Sunny Street Café is the local neighborhood place to be for breakfast and lunch.

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Lets get coffee. Or beer. Or fries. We don’t judge.

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