Project Description


Strategic radio campaign to drive interested sellers to the EBTH marketplace. With the goal of building awareness of EBTH services and creating long-term goodwill.


We used the beautiful stories of EBTH sellers past and present, to give the brand a unique personality relatable to a wide audience. All the while finding a way to communicate the problem EBTH solved. Instead of spouting off services, we dug deep to find the emotional stories that both captured audience attention, and showcased the true dedication of EBTH team members. The campaign was distributed through stations in top markets with loyal local audiences.


Creative Direction, Unique Radio Creative Strategy, Media Planning & Buying, Narrative, Script Writing, Cross-Channel Planning

Meet Everything But The House.

Downsizing is a difficult, stressful time for people. A time that usually appears out of thin air, leaving those needing to have a sale unprepared and concerned. We think of EBTH as the best possible solution for these individuals. Yes, EBTH helps their clients sell items for more money. But more importantly, they are an invaluable resource during what are often stressful family times.

At P48, our goal was to communicate the beautiful stories behind the EBTH brand. To help EBTH find their voice by communicating the true “why we exist” that founders Jacquie and Brian had instilled in the company from Day 1. Exceptional service, connecting real sellers to real buyers, and facilitating better outcomes for everyone through technology.

“We hired P48 Marketing for our first at-scale push into broadcast media. We hired them because everything just felt right, and that feeling was borne out by the experience. They wrote and produced “different from everything else” creative that not only told our story, but I would say helped us find our voice. Their execution and service were outstanding: highly organized; detailed; responsive; and with rock-solid follow-through. We honestly had fairly low expectations for the short-term impact of the campaign on our business. P48 completely outperformed those expectations in the first 30 days. I would strongly recommend P48 to any company or organization seeking a committed, creative, flexible and high-touch partner to buy radio — in a single market, or at much larger scale.”

Matt Fischer, VP Marketing - Everything But The House
P48 Advertising

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