Creative Marketer

We are different, and a little weirder, than a typical advertising agency. True to form, we are looking for a unique, borderline weird person to join the team.

We need an up and coming marketer.  Someone who loves to create beautiful things and is willing to do the work to grow our clients.  If you write stuff that makes people lean in, design things that makes people’s necks jerk a tad harder than they should, or come up with stories and marketing ideas that make us say “lets gooooo,” you’ve got something we’re interested in.

The good news:  We’re a small and fast growing agency – which means you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands dirty.  To learn.  To grow.  To actually do significant things that help significant businesses.  And to join on the ground floor of something that we think is going to be pretty cool, in a really cool city.

The bad news:  We’re a small and fast growing agency.  We need someone who’s willing to spin multiple plates, do whatever it takes to create awesome, and work a few extra hours here in order to enjoy the fruits of our labor a few extra hours there.

What’s the gig?

  • Working with the team to create awesome stuff that makes people stop and say, “Woah, what was that?”
  • Jump into both digital media and traditional media buys with a willingness to learn
  • Guide marketing campaigns strategically from start to finish
  • Working with the creative team to launch social advertising campaigns, paid search, email marketing, radio placements, video and more
  • Helping manage account projects from start to finish, including guiding freelancers and other team members as needed
  • Using data (from a variety of places) to report on and improve campaigns
  • Ideation and content creation is always needed, from all team members
  • Working directly with clients to understand their needs and help bring them to life
  • Inspiring and motivating accounts, through fresh and inventive work
  • Copywriting, content strategy, and similar as client needs develop
  • Be flexible, wear many hats, and just make stuff happen
  • Have a passion for marketing and helping businesses grow
  • Have a strong marketing mind and be willing to plug into a variety of areas and projects
  • Bring fresh, creative ideas to the table
  • Be flexible and willing to work in a quickly evolving, self-starter atmosphere

If that’s you, tell us about your unique skillset (in just a short paragraph or two, please. We don’t have all day). What drives you? What’s your secret sauce?

What is P48

P48 is a small, growing agency started by a couple of industry veterans. One spent life in the broadcast/radio world, one spent life in the digital media/ecommerce world. We do creative, traditional media, digital media, ecommerce strategy, and a bunch of things in between. You’ll stay busy.

A few things are super important to us, and are the foundation of P48.

  • Keeping it real with clients, employees, and everyone in between
  • Creating stories and tones that stand out in unique ways
  • Helping our clients grow in efficient ways

If “that sounds neat-o,” we might be a good spot for you. You can learn more here.

Or send to: